A return to real blogging.

I’ve seen a lot of blogs both on WordPress and Blogger “fire up” recently after many years of sitting there untouched. I wonder if COVID-19 has made people realise that there’s more to life than sharing cat pictures on Facebook? I’ve always loved the blogging platforms, and even though I’ve moved around over the yearsContinue reading “A return to real blogging.”

I really need to blog more.

It amuses me that whilst I’m always ready to tweet or post on Facebook or Instagram, I often neglect my blog. Is it because the platform isn’t particularly nice to work on? well no, actually. WordPress is very easy to update when needed; and unlike some of the other platforms it is good because youContinue reading “I really need to blog more.”

Push Button Publishing

I love blogger. I used to blog on Livejournal, but that went crap… you couldn’t customise your layout enough, and they reduced what free users could do. I tried tumblr, but all the blogs looked the same, and you couldn’t edit the raw HTML of the post in the same way. I’ve been on bloggerContinue reading “Push Button Publishing”