A return to real blogging.

I’ve seen a lot of blogs both on WordPress and Blogger “fire up” recently after many years of sitting there untouched. I wonder if COVID-19 has made people realise that there’s more to life than sharing cat pictures on Facebook?

Not my cat. I suspect it would be if it met me.

I’ve always loved the blogging platforms, and even though I’ve moved around over the years (LiveJournal, then Blogger, then WordPress, then back to Blogger briefly, then back on WordPress again when I realised Google don’t actually give a damn about blogger).

Since 2004 I’ve been here sharing my ramblings! It’s amazing how long they go back, and it’s always great to reminisce about my times in various bands and some of the great events we’ve had and done – all documented for posterity.

My blog is now officially old enough to smoke, drink alcohol, and get married. Go blog!

With any luck I’ll be here in another 16 years and I’m sure WordPress will be here with me. It’s the place online where I have the most subscribers (although I’m not sure how many are actually real live accounts) and I certainly get the reads and searches looking at my account activity.

I’m probably not going to change the format any, it’s my place. It’s my blog. It’s where I let off steam, rant, and share my experiences.

I hope you’ll still be with me then!

So I’m back here.

I’m back on Blogger again. Not totally through choice, but I find WordPress seems to be over priced. Blogger uses my Google storage (of which I have tons and tons) and can easily embed Google photos. WordPress limits me to less than 20 gig of storage for a lot of money.

Yeah I know it’s a no-brainer.

I just wish Blogger had a decent app.

I really need to blog more.

It amuses me that whilst I’m always ready to tweet or post on Facebook or Instagram, I often neglect my blog.

Is it because the platform isn’t particularly nice to work on? well no, actually. WordPress is very easy to update when needed; and unlike some of the other platforms it is good because you can format your posts and decide where the photos are going to be, how they look, and you can even mix video in.

I suppose it’s because, unlike Twitter; Instagram and Facebook, a blog is somewhat like shouting into an empty room. WordPress, whilst one of the world’s biggest community platforms is a massive collection of personal blogs with very little recommendation of “blogs you might like” or “people to follow”. Most of your friends aren’t there, and the cross-blog community is really not good.

The final problem for me, though, is that most of the likes you get on your posts are from “promote your blog” marketing spammers who quite clearly promote your blog by sharing “promote your blog” posts on other people’s blogs and creating clickbots to try and harvest visits. Indeed, I suspect 65% of my meagre following is indeed just clickbots.

I suppose there’s a magic formula to being that person with all the reads, and I definitely don’t fit the criteria, so here is a picture of me using my new laptop table with my Tab S4, whilst a small Tortoiseshell cat hides underneath thus preventing me from actually straightening my legs. You will notice I am wearing a Horace goes Skiing t-shirt.

Push Button Publishing

I love blogger.

I used to blog on Livejournal, but that went crap… you couldn’t customise your layout enough, and they reduced what free users could do.
I tried tumblr, but all the blogs looked the same, and you couldn’t edit the raw HTML of the post in the same way.
I’ve been on blogger now for a few years – and I also like it’s policies… you can say what you like and you’re not moderated (much). You’re not answerable to some administrator who threatens to delete your blog if you say something they don’t like… and you self moderate.
The problem is – when you get a twat on your blog it’s very difficult to delete them – as I recently had on the Manning blog (also run through my Blogger account)… why they seem to think we need links to Thai Prostitutes is beyond me… ? – and why they think it’s relevant to an article about Volcanic Ash is even more beyond me (unless of course the ash forced our plane to divert via Thailand and we felt like getting a cheap shag from some AIDS riddled Syphilitic crack whore… (who happens to look slightly more appealing than the stereotypical English bad prossie).
Anyhow, I went through, deleted loads, and turned on Captcha to hopefully stop their robot doing it again – it seems to have worked on my blog so far…