We got a new boy.

He moved in with us; not our choosing – all him – but he likes it here. It appears he’s not actually owned even though he’s an incredibly loving and needy boy who loves a cuddle.

We’ve called him Domino; or Dom for short.

He’s also being called Knobhead sometimes.


It’s not often the old girl gets featured, because unlike the little Tortie idiot, Felicity is just so well behaved and sweet. So here she is looking beautiful as always.

You wouldn’t believe to see her that she’s 16!

And thus they weren’t very nice 😟

So I got the new jeans. They’re not a very good fit. They look a bit too loose on my hips and bum, and there’s absolutely no stretch in them. Plus the PVC is very “crinkly” and not as I expected.

I can’t make my mind up – either keep the 36″ waist which are a bit snug, keep the 38″ waist which are too loose, or send both back.
I think I might go with the first option.

They aren’t very attractive close up. Very wrinkly and crinkly.
Honestly, I can say this is the first time I’ve found PVC to be not absolutely amazing.

The cat is being cute tonight. Look at those toe beans!