Happy New Year, and all that rubbish.

We’ve had the financially crippling Christmas last weekend, and this weekend it was New Year.

What should be a joyous time of the year is turned into a miserable one for many because of a lack of discipline. I heard recently of a lady from Nottingham who had put this Christmas on her credit card – spending almost £2000 on presents for her two kids.

She was paying for LAST Christmas (let’s assume another 2 grand) at £100 a month… now correct me if I’m wrong, but with interest at 28% she will have paid off less than £600 of LAST Christmas… all I can say is FOOL.

…and in our house we have a £60 rule.

Now onto Audiobox.fm

Audiobox was annoying me, but they seem to have finally come up trumps. The Android app is much better (but not perfect still – and it has a way to go before it is) but it’s now making my audiobox usable from my phone. Woohoo!

The new Browser experience of Audiobox is itunes in a browser. It’s very good and the speed issues with the old version are virtually all gone.

I’m continuing to add my tunes to it and am now through 6,800… yes I guess you could say I love music. If we were to have no TV it wouldn’t bother me – but take away my music and the world would end.

Now finally – I started up a new 365 days project on flickr. A much simpler aim this time, with most pictures being cameraphone ones. I wonder if I can complete my third year?

I bought Rage against the Machine.

In this amazing race for the #1 Christmas single, I think Rage against the Machine deserve the spot.


Well, I could say this isn’t a personal thing against Cowell, Cole et.al and the mindless drivel that is X Factor. But it’s not the truth.

This is indeed personal. I am fed up of the “powers that be” in TV pumping out mindless, over-hyped, piss poor drivel that is the endless number of talent shows and manufacturing insipid but not unattractive “musicians”. These people are NOT musicians. They are glorified karaoke singers with an ability to hold a tune. They seldom know how to read music, or how to compose a song, or even – shockingly – how to play a musical instrument.

Rage against the Machine is our rock fans personal way of saying “er… we’re here”. We buy a SELECTION of tracks and albums throughout the year, so the singles chart is hardly valid now is it? but when we pull together we can even scare Cowell.

Keep it up Rock Fans!