I went silver

A random comment made a few days ago set me off thinking – I’m very aware that I have male pattern baldness, but someone said if I went white or grey it wouldn’t be as obvious. Today I booked in at the hairdressers and this happened. Waiting… Note the jeans! Before… Trimmed up and readyContinue reading “I went silver”

I must make one of these!

how to: rainbow cake!Originally uploaded by a.meadowlark Thanks to omnomicon for supplying instructions to make a Rainbow Cake. Apart from using a non-mix recipe, I hope to create a similar effect to this… but then we’ll see eh? The problem is… the recipe card would have to say “artificial colours were used in the creationContinue reading “I must make one of these!”

Of hair colouring, leather, and cornfields.

I have decided to colour my hair again. Not bleach, not boring… in fact you could say this picture was my inspiration. It’s now blue at the front, purple across the top and red at the back – nicely blended of course. It’s coloured with:Rusk Scream Colors (Passion Purple and Rage Red)Renbow Crazy Color (CapriContinue reading “Of hair colouring, leather, and cornfields.”