The dreaded COVID

I fell victim to COVID-19 over the new year period; unfortunately it was asymptomatic at first so I was totally unaware I had it, and by the time it gave me a kicking on new year’s day I was already pretty much through it.

1st January I gave a positive test, 2nd had a very faint pink line, and yesterday’s and today’s were both negative.

I have no high temperature and my symptoms disappeared almost as quickly as they appeared, which for me says the vaccination worked and gave my immune system the information it needed to clear COVID quickly.

I’m pretty sure it was the Omicron variant.

Thankfully nobody I know or who I interacted with in the time I was infectious has come down with it.

Side effects.

I’ve had quite a few side effects after my COVID vaccination; but I’d still have it again. It’s everyone’s duty to get vaccinated.

The first night I had a rough night, with shivers and sweating alternating.

The following day I felt like I had a mild flu – not good timing as I was selling a load of gear on Facebook Marketplace and it was getting collected.

Remember the chairs I bought when I had the classroom? Well there’s 3 left now. I met various people and saw the back of 18, plus a load of tools, and a few bits of “junk” that actually turned out to be wanted by someone!

It also means my old unit is finally starting to get emptier – again I’m determined not to transport loads of boxes of junk over there.

Sunday (day two) was much better – although my arm remained sore.

Well it’s now Wednesday and apart from a sore spot where the injection was I feel totally fine.

100,000 dead

Live Aid had two main events – London and Philadelphia. The London event held approximately 80,000; the Philadelphia event just over 100,000 due to the venue being much larger than Wembley at the time (it was held at the old Twin Towers Wembley which was a predominantly a football venue).

The Philadelphia event photo above shows what 100,000 people looks like in a stadium.

100,000 is the number of dead from COVID-19 after Tory policy has failed. That’s what the Tories have killed.

So why does Boris Johnson still have a job?

Lockdown incoming, again.

So Boris spewed forth tripe and again demonstrated his lack of understanding of the situation by locking us all down again from Midnight Thursday.

Or is it Friday?

Yeah he didn’t really make it very clear for the masses who may not understand the concept of which day Midnight belongs in (a day starts at Midnight – 0:00 – and ends at 23:59) so I’ve had people trying to tell me Thursday is the last day of freedom.

It isn’t, guys. If you leave it till Thursday to do your shopping you’re in for a nasty shock! Unless of course the blonde oaf has it wrong!

I’m thinking another lockdown is a damn good idea with the way some people are behaving. They seriously aren’t taking mask wearing seriously. But I’m also of the thought that nobody should be exempt from wearing a mask. Yeah you’ll get the people who bleat on as to why they shouldn’t because they have whatever condition, but honestly, if I had a breathing condition bad enough to stop me wearing a mask I would be shit scared of catching COVID-19.

So what have we seen so far? Well the COVID queues are all back. Obviously a good section of the country wasn’t expecting this at all and haven’t prepared for it. Meanwhile those with a bit of forethought have read the science articles and were well aware back in June that we might possibly lock down again.

We have an extra cupboard cleared out and filled with tinned food. We now have two freezers full of veg and we certainly have enough toilet roll to last us until 2021!

I suppose the best thing will be the quieter roads though. That’s a bonus.

The Revolution Starts Here

The majority of intelligent people in the country know by now that Boris Johnson is an inept buffoon, and that the Tories dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic is bordering in genocide; but the idiot now wants to lock down Manchester; and indeed after negotiating with their mayor, Andy Burnham, has hit a brick wall.

That brick wall all boils down to money, or the lack of it. The North is the poor cousin to the south, regardless of denial, Boris Johnson’s own constituency of Uxbridge & South Ruislip has received more money recently than the paltry 20 Million offered to the entirety of Manchester, even when increased to 100 million it’s still a tiny amount of the money spent on some London boroughs.

Obviously, Manchester’s Labour leaders have rejected the offer; and thus the Prime Minister is attempting to force a lockdown.

Now this is dangerous. The North doesn’t respect the Tories; and the police are dangerously underfunded and under staffed and attempting to enforce a lockdown against the people’s will would only inflame an already tense situation.

I suspect the glorious revolution may begin in Manchester and Liverpool; two cities who historically have always fought amongst themselves, but in these strange times may unite and form a solid wall. I suspect South Yorkshire and West Yorkshire may well join them to take the wall all the way to the Humber.

We shall see, eh, but these are definitely strange times to be living in.

We’re gonna lockdown again, aren’t we?

Led by a clueless Government who seem to be using a scattergun approach to COVID-19, and alongside some pretty horrible people who consider that wearing a mask doesn’t apply to them; I am seeing an impending lockdown again.

Manchester locked down again last week. Thursday to be precise. I was supposed to be spending the night working on a music project with one of my band mates, but that didn’t happen. The lockdown prevented me travelling to Manchester, and prohibited me from entering his house. Staying overnight was totally out of the question.

So why do I think we’re going to lockdown?

Well the British “way of life” seems to be an alcohol fuelled tirade of “ladding around”. Normal behaviour for too many people is “going out and getting absolutely mortal”. Not me.

With beer comes removal of inhibitions and a loss of lawfulness. This in turn leads to the lapse of Social Distancing, and the wearing of masks, well that’s just not cricket!

On my way home from work on Friday I drove past 3 pubs; 1 a large chain one, one a micro pub, the other a Free House. All three had packed beer gardens (it was, after all, rather nice on Friday), and all three beer gardens were absolutely rammed with people. None of whom were practicing any form of social distancing.

This happened in Manchester and there was a spike in new infections. Based on the COVID infection timeline I suspect by Friday we will be locked down also.

So, what to do?

Well nothing really. Perhaps enjoy the quieter roads again – after all they have been absolutely ridiculous for the last few weeks.

But as a key worker and an essential worker I can just carry on as normal. Nay, I have to carry on. My job is to ensure fire detection systems work correctly and fire shuttering and smoke ventilation systems also work as they should.

So that’s my rant done. Wait a few days and see if I’m right.

Just wear a mask, you idiot.

I’m feeling really annoyed at the moment. I don’t particularly like stupid people and as someone who was considered an essential worker by the government and thus obliged to work through lockdown I am now feeling as if we weren’t actually appreciated at all.

All the clapping in the world for the NHS is just a token gesture when idiots think the rules regarding the wearing of face masks doesn’t apply to them. The “Keep Britain Free” movement are quite frankly, nutcases. The same type of people who think a no-deal Brexit is the way to go. Looking at them sharing their rants on Twitter I can only feel sad that such brainless idiots are allowed to share our oxygen.

Just last week on the first day of the new mask rule I had to tell someone to get a mask on. Her response? “I didn’t know”. She then proceeded to think it was funny and started giggling like a child scolded by the teacher at school. Where has she been for the last 90 days?

Even consider that special guy thinks it’s great walking into different shops without a mask on and flouting a law put in place for all our protection. Bragging on Twitter about his own lack of intelligence whilst openly revealing himself to be an absolute knobhead. I presume he also thinks we should have drink driving days? Perhaps we could introduce a special “eat the mould” day for him?

If there is a God, I think now is time for a flood. We could share a conspiracy that high ground is getting hit by 5G beams from space. Yeah. That’d work.

No excuses. Wear a mask.

If I didn’t wear the correct PPE I would not be allowed on site. My own risk assessment and the HSE guidance say that I must wear appropriate PPE for the task in hand, in this case height work with overhead hazards.

The mask?

Well there’s a fucking pandemic destroying the lungs and other organs of a very sizeable portion of those who catch it. Two masks; one on you, one on the other person you’re with; is the safest option.

No excuses. Just wear one.

Lockdown. Things I’ve noticed & learned to appreciate.

So after a few months of lockdown, we are beginning to see things starting to happen again. Shops are slowly opening. I can now get my Costa Coffee again (albeit as a drive through) and I’m seeing busier roads.

Apart from my current annoyance, which is people who are clearly out for recreational journeys driving everywhere incredibly slowly (usually 15mph below the speed limit) I am still enjoying the quieter roads; but they aren’t as quiet as they were when it first started.

My job is considered key – unappreciated, sure, but the government along with my industry representative body agreed that fire alarm maintenance and service is a priority job and must continue, and thus it was deemed correct for me to work through.

I socially distanced, and still do. I now have masks and hand sanitiser (although at first the selfish bastards hoarded it thus meaning I had to use other means to keep clean) and I have the sore face and ridiculously dry cracked hands to prove it.

My skin is pasty and white because I’ve been working through whilst my friends are all beautifully tanned; but I’ve not put weight on – which is a bonus!

The things I’ve learned to appreciate though:

Food. Basics such as flour, which we have always used as a family – we are very whole living, making many things from scratch and not buying pre-packaged. We use herbs, spices, flour, eggs, milk. These became in short supply. From what a friend tells me, not because of people copying our lifestyle, but because people who have never cooked before thought that if you added water to flour you got bread. Seriously! People would buy “herbs” and add them to tomatoes to make “pasta sauce”. That’s not quite how it works… perhaps I need to explain to them what a roux is.

Toilet paper. The legendary toilet paper shortage was beyond a joke. To be perfectly honest I actually blame the supermarkets a lot for this. We saw it coming. The rumours started spreading. Supermarkets could have immediately implimented a one-per-customer policy and stopped the grabbers. What they haven’t realised, of course, is now the hoarders have hoarded; their sales in the long run will fall. This will be better for us who didn’t hoard as it will drive the offers to clear the overstock. Fucking fools.

Cleaning Products. I was shocked by this one. I often wonder how filthy some people live. Rushing out and buying hand soap. Don’t they have a spare bottle ready to go? I buy it for the business, so I tend to buy by the 5 litre container anyway. Same for shower gel. I have to clean myself after a mucky day and I can really hammer the stuff. Buying it at supermarket prices wouldn’t save me any money, but by buying in bulk I cut down on single use plastics. We’re currently on a nice Scottish sea kelp shower gel. I had it in a hotel last year and rather liked it.

As we come out of lockdown though, I see the queues at the shops. I wonder just how desperate some people are to buy products. I’m not sure I want to return to the previous normal. It’s too fast moving for me now I’ve experienced a slower pace.