100,000 dead

Live Aid had two main events – London and Philadelphia. The London event held approximately 80,000; the Philadelphia event just over 100,000 due to the venue being much larger than Wembley at the time (it was held at the old Twin Towers Wembley which was a predominantly a football venue). The Philadelphia event photo aboveContinue reading “100,000 dead”

Lockdown incoming, again.

So Boris spewed forth tripe and again demonstrated his lack of understanding of the situation by locking us all down again from Midnight Thursday. Or is it Friday? Yeah he didn’t really make it very clear for the masses who may not understand the concept of which day Midnight belongs in (a day starts atContinue reading “Lockdown incoming, again.”

The Revolution Starts Here

The majority of intelligent people in the country know by now that Boris Johnson is an inept buffoon, and that the Tories dealing with the Coronavirus pandemic is bordering in genocide; but the idiot now wants to lock down Manchester; and indeed after negotiating with their mayor, Andy Burnham, has hit a brick wall. ThatContinue reading “The Revolution Starts Here”

We’re gonna lockdown again, aren’t we?

Led by a clueless Government who seem to be using a scattergun approach to COVID-19, and alongside some pretty horrible people who consider that wearing a mask doesn’t apply to them; I am seeing an impending lockdown again. Manchester locked down again last week. Thursday to be precise. I was supposed to be spending theContinue reading “We’re gonna lockdown again, aren’t we?”

Just wear a mask, you idiot.

I’m feeling really annoyed at the moment. I don’t particularly like stupid people and as someone who was considered an essential worker by the government and thus obliged to work through lockdown I am now feeling as if we weren’t actually appreciated at all. All the clapping in the world for the NHS is justContinue reading “Just wear a mask, you idiot.”

Lockdown. Things I’ve noticed & learned to appreciate.

So after a few months of lockdown, we are beginning to see things starting to happen again. Shops are slowly opening. I can now get my Costa Coffee again (albeit as a drive through) and I’m seeing busier roads. Apart from my current annoyance, which is people who are clearly out for recreational journeys drivingContinue reading “Lockdown. Things I’ve noticed & learned to appreciate.”