Yet another awards night.

It was great to attend yet another awards night at the CRS on Saturday. It’s been an annual tradition since the 90’s; a band plays, some awards are given out, and then there’s another band. Generally the band playing second will get an award or two (possibly because they’re playing?) but it’s all in goodContinue reading “Yet another awards night.”

Remember the CRS Acoustic Sessions?

I was looking back at a little project I attempted, and somewhat succeeded at a few years ago. Technology wasn’t as good as it is today, and my equipment at the time certainly wasn’t the best hi-tech equipment you could use. My few good microphones were filled out with a hell of a lot ofContinue reading “Remember the CRS Acoustic Sessions?”

Tribute bands sadden me

Tribute bands have their place. There’s no doubting that it’s nice to see a song you know and love being performed note perfect, such as the excellent Italian band The Watch (pictured), but it saddens me that this very talented band – who perform Genesis covers as well as their own material – pulled suchContinue reading “Tribute bands sadden me”

I feel small…

2/341:365 – I feel small Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway The last few days have been an interesting time for me. On Friday I popped into the Montgomery Hall to see Pallas and generally just see people (and drop off the Wasp box). The Montgom doesn’t feel nice for me any more since theContinue reading “I feel small…”

The HLC – as it now is.

The drive of fameOriginally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today I passed the HLC… it’s now totally gone with very few traces of where it once was, except for slighly muddy ground marking it’s outline. The driveway remains, but that’s about all. Meanwhile… little known Crimes of Passion fact for today: The first eponymous albumContinue reading “The HLC – as it now is.”

It’s statement time.

Daniel Robinson thinks I look like this…Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I didn’t really get to see Magenta, but I did see some of Godsticks. Cool huh? Meanwhile – Daniel, record label boss David’s son drew a likeness of me which is rather uncanny… although my neck and face is a bit fatter thanContinue reading “It’s statement time.”

… because …

2/239:365 – Reeling Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Today has been a pretty f*cked up carbuncle of a day. Apart from a random meeting with a flickr friend, it’s a weird sort of picking up the pieces day. The pieces of me deciding my time with the CRS is up… but making sure IContinue reading “… because …”

The end of the CRS road for me.

2/237:365 – Strength. Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I’ve made my decision, I’ve thought about it for ages. Myself and the Classic Rock Society are to part ways. I can’t carry on devoting the time I have previously to the CRS. Manning must come first for me now – it’s my time to enjoyContinue reading “The end of the CRS road for me.”