…of album releases, and stuff.

Tonight, I sit playing around with the Android dev kit on my Ubuntu laptop. It’s very nice… especially considering just 5 or so years ago I’d have paid £££ for a devkit (and indeed, did for a couple of Amiga devkits). Android really is the future – unlike Apple with it’s attempt at world domination,Continue reading “…of album releases, and stuff.”

Modifying a Freeloader Pro

Firstly… Happy Yorkshire Day peeps! The Freeloader Pro doesn’t work with the Dell Streak… it won’t charge it – unless you’re willing to pass on your warranty and modify the device. Here’s a step by step guide… note that this does NOT apply to the Freeloader standard which at present will NOT charge the Streak.Continue reading “Modifying a Freeloader Pro”

Oooooh a new phone!

I got a new phone this week… OK… well… a huge slab of a device, but what a device. It’s a Dell Streak, which is a mother of a 5″ screen yielding slab of technology – packed to the brim with goodies including a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash, HDMI output, and to topContinue reading “Oooooh a new phone!”