The End of the Weekend that Was – St Patrick’s at The RS Bar

The weekend ended with an Ethryll gig at the Royal Standard. We met Jake there, and Martin joined us shortly after. After setting up and having a short soundcheck I went and changed into my new jeans. They’re amazing! It’s as if someone exploded glitter on them. Larry and Jake both approved! Sadly it wasContinue reading “The End of the Weekend that Was – St Patrick’s at The RS Bar”

That was the weekend that was… Part 2 – Entertaining Larry

Sunday was also predicted to be a busy day. Not a great amount of sleep, followed by a day around Sheffield entertaining a visitor from Seattle. I’ve known LarryB online for many years now, through Flickr and Facebook, and also Instagram and Twitter. When he said he was visiting the UK on a social visitContinue reading “That was the weekend that was… Part 2 – Entertaining Larry”

And thus, that was the weekend… Part one.

You know every so often you get a few days when you wonder how the hell you survived it? Well this was that weekend. I can’t complain… It was all very much self inflicted by my being in three bands. Two of those bands had activity this weekend. Friday A full-ish day of work, followerContinue reading “And thus, that was the weekend… Part one.”

Facebook is down…

So everyone’s taking to Twitter to complain about it. Not me. I don’t really like Facebook. I’m rather pleased. I suspect there are families up and down the country talking about things over dinner rather than having their faces lit up by phone screens. I did manage to post my outfit of the day photoContinue reading “Facebook is down…”