Project “tidy up”

Today project Tidy Up really got kicked off. An old busbar system needs stripping and the building part rewiring (particularly the old IT system) so I thought I’d start at the disboard. A lovely Schneider Acti9 fitted to replace a pair of old Crabtree C15 units, complete with RCBO’s where the circuits would take them.Continue reading “Project “tidy up””

Rewiring complete… for now

3/002:365 – Shocking Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway We now have lots of new sockets, and lights working throughout the house again after I replaced sections of this stuff (pictured) with modern PVC cable. The stuff I replaced was in a really sorry state, with the insulation cracking off as soon as I touchedContinue reading “Rewiring complete… for now”

A Busmans Holiday

2/362:365 – Busmans Holiday Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway Yesterday and today I’ve been doing general electrical work on our own house (yes… our own house). I’ve fitted 4 new power points (kitchen, living room x 4,in 2 places, landing) and have had to disconnect two lights in the house because the wiring isContinue reading “A Busmans Holiday”