Facebook is down…

So everyone’s taking to Twitter to complain about it. Not me. I don’t really like Facebook. I’m rather pleased.

I suspect there are families up and down the country talking about things over dinner rather than having their faces lit up by phone screens.

I did manage to post my outfit of the day photo before it baulked though. I say outfit of the day… It was actually yesterday.

Attempted scam?

A few minutes ago I received a barrage of texts, supposedly from Facebook.

Google translate did it’s best on them, and it looks like they were a bit scammy to say the least.

As a precaution I’ve changed my Facebook password and logged all my devices out of the platform. Hopefully I’ve beat any prospective hackers?

Sliding along…

When I first signed up for MySpace I decided I’d only add friends at first, but then relaxed the rules somewhat and allowed anyone who added me. D’oh. I’m still on MySpace, but don’t really use it any more.

Then a new fangled thing came along called Facebook… and the same happened again. All good intentions, and I ended up just adding anyone… then every couple of months I have a massive prune and get rid of loads of people I have lots in common with but don’t really know.

Now I’m tweeting… but this time with the combination of Twitter and Facebook I think I’ve got it right. Facebook is for people who sort of know me. Twitter is for people who I know personally or am good friends with because of something we share a close common interest in… it seems to work for me anyway. I have 400+ facebook friends and about 30 or so Twitter friends and I don’t lose track of who is who.

Now onto quote of the day – from David Boreanaz of Bones, Buffy & Angel fame… “I fucking love leather pants”. Right on brother! – I concur.

Facebook – the latest target for scammers.

Facebook is being swamped just lately by scammers.

In traditional 5 things style – here’s 5 things that you can’t get on Facebook by joining groups of becoming a fan of or adding an application.

1. Gold Accounts. They don’t exist. Simple.

2. A dislike button. Same again. No such thing (yet) although when Facebook decide to add it you’ll know about it.

3. See who’s looking at your profile. I can tell you who is – people who are your friends (provided you’ve set it private)… otherwise, anyone. The lists generated are random – if you don’t believe me, run the app twice in quick succession.

4. You can’t have the old layout back.

5. You can’t change the layout or colours of your profile. They all look the same. Fact.

Finally… will people stop inviting me to groups and become fans of things I don’t give a shit about?


I like the new Facebook layout which appeared about about half past seven tonight. As usual people will whinge, but based on the fact that you’re using a free site as are hundreds of your friends, and Facebook offer you free storage of photos, blogs, etc. Do you actually have any right to whinge?. Go on… take your business elsewhere… but where will you go that actually offers the same as Facebook? – Bebo?

I like it. Nuff said.

Meanwhile… I had a happy happy joy joy moment today. I went to add someone to a photo and found when I typed their name in it didn’t appear in the requester any more. When I went to their profile directly they’d defriended me. Oh I’m so sad. It was a relic from CRS days when I had to be nice to this person that they were a friend on Facebook, but in all honesty without naming names, I can say that I have never met a bigger more egotistic twat who actually managed to conduct an entire gig without uttering so much as a grunt at me. Good fucking riddance!. Time for a Bud I think!