Facebook is down…

So everyone’s taking to Twitter to complain about it. Not me. I don’t really like Facebook. I’m rather pleased. I suspect there are families up and down the country talking about things over dinner rather than having their faces lit up by phone screens. I did manage to post my outfit of the day photoContinue reading “Facebook is down…”

Attempted scam?

A few minutes ago I received a barrage of texts, supposedly from Facebook. Google translate did it’s best on them, and it looks like they were a bit scammy to say the least. As a precaution I’ve changed my Facebook password and logged all my devices out of the platform. Hopefully I’ve beat any prospectiveContinue reading “Attempted scam?”

Sliding along…

When I first signed up for MySpace I decided I’d only add friends at first, but then relaxed the rules somewhat and allowed anyone who added me. D’oh. I’m still on MySpace, but don’t really use it any more. Then a new fangled thing came along called Facebook… and the same happened again. All goodContinue reading “Sliding along…”

Facebook – the latest target for scammers.

Facebook is being swamped just lately by scammers. In traditional 5 things style – here’s 5 things that you can’t get on Facebook by joining groups of becoming a fan of or adding an application. 1. Gold Accounts. They don’t exist. Simple. 2. A dislike button. Same again. No such thing (yet) although when FacebookContinue reading “Facebook – the latest target for scammers.”