Flickr -> Picasa. Phew!

I have posted photos on flickr for many years now, and in that time have amassed over 16,000 pictures – some are just cheesy little camera phone VGA size pictures; but since late 2008 I have owned a DSLR and have been taking photos using a 10 megapixel CCD. As you can imagine – thisContinue reading “Flickr -> Picasa. Phew!”

Apparently, flickr is fascist?!

I was quite surprised to find this blog. What surprised me even more is the size of the chip this guy has on his shoulder… in fact, I’d say he has a whole sack of spuds weighing him down. He published pictures which were against flickr TOS, got his account deleted, and therefore decided toContinue reading “Apparently, flickr is fascist?!”

When you shouldn’t post a photo on your website…

I’ve recently been building the new website for Manning and it has given me a little bit of an insight into what constitutes a BAD band photograph and a GOOD band photograph. I give you the example at right – I won’t name the band (unless you email me and REALLLYYYY PLEAD) but the exampleContinue reading “When you shouldn’t post a photo on your website…”

Oh for the f**king love of god!

(P0956) Nurse Charlotte will see you nowOriginally uploaded by Charlotte Sherwood It’s Sunday Morning… I’m having a quick look round my friends pics on Flickr when this pops up in the “most interesting from all of flickr” box which always seems to appear at the bottom of every browse page… Why? It’s downright creepy!… theContinue reading “Oh for the f**king love of god!”