Going out in latex

There are certain perils and pitfalls about going out to gig in latex jeans. I’ve done it a few times (indeed I’ve played on stage in leather and pvc, but never latex). My day yesterday was a latex day… Rewind a few days… Being forgetful me, I had totally forgotten that I had absolutely noContinue reading “Going out in latex”

What could be more fun?

Taxes are boring. So very boring. I made them a bit less boring this year by doing them whilst dressed in my latex suit! Sadly, it’s no longer a good fit since I’ve lost weight. Have to say, though, I took some rather amazing selfies today! The defocus mode on my phone, whilst not easyContinue reading “What could be more fun?”

Bucket list achievement unlocked!

Latex office wear. Not that I’d wear it to the office, but it’s something I’ve always fancied owning. The shirt was the last item to arrive, a few weeks ago. Bad news is I ordered XXL and it turned out to be a bit too big. I think it’s about a 52″ chest wheres I’mContinue reading “Bucket list achievement unlocked!”