New photo

Today I decided I needed a new photo. The nice thing about being a photographer, though, is that when you need a new photo to represent yourself it’s fairly easy to sort and costs nothing. The new one represents me as I now am due to my rather dramatic change of hair (or loss of…).Continue reading “New photo”

Adventures in Shopping

I had to go shopping. First of all I spent a mortgage on printer ink. Why is printer ink so expensive? – I’m now refilling all our cartridges but for the Photosmart we currently haven’t had a spare set. That’s now rectified and refilling will start immediately! I did manage a rather good package inContinue reading “Adventures in Shopping”

2/273:365 – Kris’s Winter Warmer Soup!

2/273:365 – Kris’s Winter Warmer Soup!Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway I made a soup today, not just a soup from a recipe, or a tin, or a packet… I really made soup! Here’s how I did it… 1. Peel and chop a small onion, stick it in a non stick pan with a littleContinue reading “2/273:365 – Kris’s Winter Warmer Soup!”