Mobile Phones… a lesson to learn

Today I had to pop into the Orange shop. My HTC Diamond has a little charging problem (the USB port is working loose and it’s going erratic). Apparently, I may end up with a different phone as they no longer have Diamonds in stock. Anyway, whilst I was in there I overheard a conversation I’veContinue reading “Mobile Phones… a lesson to learn”

Five things I discovered this week:

1. Tesco’s Mobile Phone Shop in Wath is crap. 2. Volvo drivers are blind. They must be, cos they never see anyone else on the road. 3. Apparently, you have to tune your bass weekly… damn. 4. Something I posted a month ago came true recently… read between the lines… you know what I mean.Continue reading “Five things I discovered this week:”

Cough… Oink…

2/281:365 – Back to Acoustic It seems I’ve succumbed to Swine Flu. I blame the pigs. I feel pretty damned rough, and it’s not helping the fact that my old injury of my broken pinkie has decided to become sore again… I may end up having that one checked out… I know I’ve not brokenContinue reading “Cough… Oink…”

Miscarriage of Justice?

2/070:365 – Oh no! The rozzers! Originally uploaded by Last Human Gateway … or abuse of powers? I was stopped today by Her Majesty’s Police for “using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving”. OK, Had I been using my hand held mobile phone whilst driving, then I would own up, pay the £60 andContinue reading “Miscarriage of Justice?”