100 miles done. 100 miles started.

Last month I rode 100 miles for Prostate Cancer UK with sponsorship from various friends. This month I’m doing the same but for Mexborough and Swinton Astronomy Society – a charity and organisation which means a lot to me and has meant a lot to me for nearly 40 years now. I first joined MSASContinue reading “100 miles done. 100 miles started.”

The Oxford Trip

The Oxford trip was yesterday; meeting up with Dr Allan Chapman to go and the Radcliffe Observatory and then to the Museum of the History of Science. After a bouncy journey down we arrived at the university. The Observatory was first on our itinerary. Then on to Oxford town centre, and firstly a lunch inContinue reading “The Oxford Trip”

Yet more observatory works

On Saturday afternoon I was messaged on Facebook that I was needed rather urgently at the observatory. The guys had been sliding a new I beam into the floor void to reduce the bounce on the floor of the old section of the building and they had come across a problem. The fire alarm supplyContinue reading “Yet more observatory works”