New van!

My new van was delivered on Friday. It’s the same as the old van, but those three years have made a small difference. The new one is now connected with 4G, and it has a few extra gadgets and toys.

2 Years Gotcha

It’s been over two years since I have myself a kick up the arse and smartened my business up.

The first step was I tidied up my appearance by visiting the Turkish barbers and getting them to shape up and trim my beard and hair.

Weight loss was already ongoing – I didn’t want to become that fat old guy with the belly sticking out from under my t-shirt.

Finally, I took the financial plunge and got a new van. SAF 1 as I call her. I didn’t want to signwrite her so I decided to opt for a personalised numberplate.

Happy 2 years together. One more left before the lease runs out and I replace her. I think it’ll be another Transit Custom.

If Brexit doesn’t fuck the country and we all end up licking moss off rocks. Of course.

New van!

After many many years driving around in old beat up vans and spending more on repairs than I care to divulge, I decided that it was time I got something newer.

Turns out that leasing isn’t as prohibitive as I thought, plus I get the vat back and since it’s only for business use (after all, why would you take a van when you have a Jag?).

This is my new van. It’s a Transit Custom in Chrome Blue. It arrived earlier today.

It’s got lots of fancy new things I’ve never had in a van before like electric windows, a radio that really does work, and reversing sensors.

Don’t they look nice together?

A new van!

After much complaining from my poor wife, I’ve finally decided to sort myself a new van.

I have chosen… a Ford Transit Custom 2018 model. Not in orange though, it’s in “Blazer Blue”.

2 litre diesel engine. Should be pretty amazing to drive, especially compared to my rather knackered old Fiat lady.