I had a blowout in the top hole on my left ear. The skin at the back swelled up and I decided to go straight to the piercer and ask his advice. He told me I had two options – take the piercing out and rest it, or take the piercing out and put a longer bar through in the hope that the swelling would go down with a piercing still in.

I opted for the first option. I’d rather not play around with these things, after all, I can always have a go again next year. He did comment that my ears have quite complicated cartilage structures down the helix and that not all people can take piercings in all places. I’ve still got three in, which is quite a good level for my lesser pierced ear, and five in my right ear.

It’s now a couple of days since I had it removed and it’s settled down nicely and the lump has gone. I think that was a good save.

In other news this week, I finally decided to do it, I’ve actually bought a gopro. The genuine article, rather than the previous “action cameras” I had, which were quite frankly, garbage. It’s the truth that you should never cut corners on stuff like this.

Finally, I’m now fully vaccinated again, having had my third jab. Pfizer this time. It’s been a bit of a week for needles this week!

Achievement unlocked

I’m not going to say my three new piercings are painless, or didn’t hurt, because they really did hurt! They’re all 1.2mm so they’ll take a nice range of body piercing jewelry.

I didn’t realise that all three are cartilage piercings! Oh.

They look good with the leather!

I think I’m finished now with the piercings. My only ones are in my ears and I have no interest in any in other places, at all.

As I’ve mentioned before I can’t really have my left ear pierced at the top due to bad practice before as the cartilage is damaged.

Final piercing done.

I’m now up at three in each ear, and I also got a small flesh tunnel in my right ear. Just a 1.6mm one. I don’t know if I’ll go much bigger as I hate the look of them once they get too big.

The tunnel was surprisingly easy to put in, I did it with very little palaver and just a little stretching with a 2mm stretching cone. The new piercing on the top did bleed a lot when it was first done. I’ve got blood all over my hoodie!