And thus they weren’t very nice 😟

So I got the new jeans. They’re not a very good fit. They look a bit too loose on my hips and bum, and there’s absolutely no stretch in them. Plus the PVC is very “crinkly” and not as I expected. I can’t make my mind up – either keep the 36″ waist which areContinue reading “And thus they weren’t very nice 😟”

Work Fell Through

Normally I will always try and find alternative work (usually very successfully) when my work falls through. However, when today’s work fell through I really did feel like having a “sod them all” day. I went home, changed, and my lady and I went to Rufford, near Ollerton. I’ve always loved Rufford. The birds thereContinue reading “Work Fell Through”


Wow, Kiwi Tokoeka, them’s some nice trousers! He wore this outfit on Only Connect on Monday. I have to say that like Kiwi I’m partial to the metallics. Indeed here’s my current silver outfit… Trousers – ASOS (ASOS design – now out of stock) Shirt – Amazon (search Cusfull silver shirt) T-Shirt – BHS (sadlyContinue reading “LARPers?!”

I don’t normally enjoy Boxing Day…

I always think it’s a bit of a let-down after the high point of Christmas Day. Yesterday, however, I rather enjoyed it – I think because I did things! Rather than laze around the house all day doing nothing I decided to go to the unit, then walk on to Retail World… Supposedly to avoidContinue reading “I don’t normally enjoy Boxing Day…”

People are strange, when you’re a stranger.

This song’s lyrics are very true. It featured on the film The Lost Boys and I occasionally identify with it. On Friday I had a Mohawk hair cut in preparation for the Manning gig on Saturday at the Peel, London. Since having the hair cut, I have noticed something. People who you approach seem veryContinue reading “People are strange, when you’re a stranger.”