The Rites of Spring Festival – 10 years on

Ten years ago I was blogging about RoSfest – it’s rather hard to believe how long ago it was now. We were nervous because a volcano in Iceland that nobody could pronounce closed our skies just a few weeks before. Now the skies are closed for a very different reason, a much greater risk toContinue reading “The Rites of Spring Festival – 10 years on”

RoSfest… a month on.

It’s hard to believe it’s almost a month since we played RoSfest. The time since has flown, and the number of new fans we’ve picked up is rather good. In all it was a superb experience, with it’s high and low points throughout the long and arduous journey to the festival. It was about 16thContinue reading “RoSfest… a month on.”

The post you’ve been waiting for!

It’s not often I use exclamation marks. I hate them – after all, if you can’t structure an exciting enough sentence without the use of this assault on the English language then you shouldn’t be using any punctuation at all. Today’s post does warrant just a single mark, so a single mark you’re getting. RoSfest.Continue reading “The post you’ve been waiting for!”

Earth shows her teeth

The spectacle of a continent being born is magnificent, however, as someone who is intending to cross the Atlantic in less that a fortnight I’m hoping the volcanic activity in Iceland settles down and the ash stops being blown high into the stratosphere. No flight have passed through European airspace now for a couple ofContinue reading “Earth shows her teeth”

RoSfest preparations

We’re now less than 90 days away from RoSfest and it’s getting rather frightening.We’re actually talking Visas, and flight times – now why are only the London airports the ones offering the cheap flights? Do you think it’s grossly unfair that anyone living away from London automatically gets penalised in taxi / fuel costs whenContinue reading “RoSfest preparations”