I need to do this again!

It’s almost a week since I was last at Corp and I enjoyed it so much I feel like going again. Perhaps not wearing the PVC suit though, although it was extremely awesome and definitely a talking point.

Yes, I’m something else.

Last night the PVC suit got it’s full public airing, first at the Devonshire Cat and then at Corporation. The responses to it were amazing. Loads of people wanted to talk to me about it, and quite a few people tried the jacket on.

Rocking it!

I finally got to take a few photos of the new PVC suit today. It looks stunning! What amazes me though is that this is actually for sale on ASOS website right now, for you to buy. Is PVC making it more mainstream? I’d like to think so.

My PVC suit arrived!

You will not believe how long I’ve wanted a really awesome shiny suit for, and when ASOS bless them made one; well it had to happen! I bought the largest of each, 36″ trousers, 46″ jacket. I really don’t know where I’ll wear it, but my blog readers know me by now… It’s gonna happen!Continue reading “My PVC suit arrived!”

New Suit Coming

A friend shared this with me, knowing my penchant for the shiny. I know the fit is slimmer than I normally wear (I’m normally a slim fit guy these days) but I thought it was stunning and ordered it straight away. It should arrive Monday. I don’t think I’ll be able to wear it forContinue reading “New Suit Coming”

I refreshed my leather suit.

It’s been no secret I’ve had a leather suit for a number of years now. Indeed, almost ten years ago I was taking photos like this. But I’d been noticing that my suit was looking old fashioned. Pleated front trousers aren’t really a thing these days, unless it’s a single tight pleat. Twin pleats areContinue reading “I refreshed my leather suit.”