Snow! Again!

We have had a rather snowy winter this year. We have often gone for 2 years with no snow but this year we’ve had a few bouts of heavy snow which have settled.

This morning I started work late. Too hazardous at first to take the van out, so I went to mum’s in the Jag (it is AWD after all) and walked her dogs.

I’d say we had about 2″ of snow in total although it’s now turned to rain.

3 inches of snow.

We had a bit of a fall today. It started at about 8 am and didn’t really stop until the early evening.

I got caught in very heavy traffic on the way home from work though, plus a few idiots who really didn’t understand the laws of physics got themselves stuck on slight gradients.

Anyone venturing out in snow should be prepared and I think a minimum of winter tyres should be expected.

Most drivers don’t even understand how to start their vehicle moving, so I presume I’m expecting too much.

Tired… but why?

I feel absolutely wasted today… but I can’t figure out why.

Am I coming down with something? – I don’t feel like I am… although my neck is rather sore.

On a lighter note – rehearsals start again tomorrow! Yay! It’s been too long since the last one.

Snow still covers most of the ground although we have a noticeable thaw now taking place and today it has drizzled on and off with sleet intermingled in with it… quite horrible weather actually… and it’s now almost 11 o’clock and the temperature is still 0.8 degrees even though it’s been dark for about 6 hours.

The big freeeeeeeze

On Tuesday morning, it started to snow….

On Tuesday afternoon, it continued to snow….

On Tuesday night, it slowed down and stopped.

By 9pm Tuesday, about 6 inches of snow sat on the ground and made the world look so clean and wonderfully bright.

On Wednesday, flurries and showers topped up the snow on the ground and added about another half inch to the already tall snowfall atop the fences.

It’s now Thursday, and the snow is sitting at about 4″ deep after some element of self compaction… tonight is forecast to be very cold and for Friday morning we may have fresh snow.

It looks like this is a proper old fashioned winter then!