Fishy Happenings

My third gig with Strangefish last night. It was a long day… I started at 7:30am – I had planned to be at the venue at around 10:30 and with a 2 hour journey ahead I needed to be ready. Freshly showered and breakfasted I set off – only to make much better time thanContinue reading “Fishy Happenings”

Rehearsal the… Oh I don’t know…

I’ve lost count now! But I know we’ve had quite a few. This one was to get ready for the forthcoming gig at The Robin 2 in Bilston. It was great to get together with the guys again after all the messiness of Christmas and New Year getting in the way. We’re now back atContinue reading “Rehearsal the… Oh I don’t know…”

Songwriting with the Fishes

Again, last night we had a songwriting session with Strangefish. The four instument players gathered at Paul’s and we spent a good few hours working on The Power of Good – a rather old idea which has been hanging around for years (before Fortune Telling I’m told). Of course, first, we had to get Food;Continue reading “Songwriting with the Fishes”

I’m a Strange Fishy!

Hannah has drawn the entire band as sea creatures food us. I’m a lobster… The rest of the guys… Steve is a cuttlefish.Jo is a turtle.Paul is a seahorse.Bob is a jellyfish.Dave is an octopus. They’re very sinister and yet amazingly cool! They’ve certainly gone down very well though. If you’re around Sheffield this weekendContinue reading “I’m a Strange Fishy!”