I love Bones, but I hate it!

One of my favourite TV shows is Bones. In case you’ve been living under a rock, it is an American drama based in a forensic lab at the Jeffersonian loosely based around the lives Temperance Brennan and her FBI partner Seeley Booth; along with the various group surrounding cast (Camille, Angela, Hodgens, Sweets, plus variousContinue reading “I love Bones, but I hate it!”

Big Balls!

Why is there something really amusing about watching the American public utterly humiliate themselves on national television? I’m talking Total Wipeout of course (known as just Wipeout in the USA) Watching people bouncing across giant foam obstacle courses reminds me of school sports days… except Wipeout has less tears and injuries… or perhaps a politeContinue reading “Big Balls!”

Science IS fun!

I’ve just finished watching Jim Al-Khalili presenting the programme Chemistry: A Volatile History on BBC4. It was absolutely engrossing especially when covering what could become a very boring subject (think Open University 1970’s). A great presenter… and why does his surname make me think Alkali?… hmmm… I am so relieved that we in the UKContinue reading “Science IS fun!”