The latest update.

Now “finished” if I want it to be, although there’s potential for more and I think I’m going to do something else in a couple of months.

I’ve had quite a large area tattooed today though and it needs a while to rest.

Healing almost complete.

I’ve had no pain now for over a week and the final scabs have fallen off. Now the tattoo just has the milky dead skin layer over it which will take about 2 weeks to totally regenerate but it already looks amazing. It’s so much better than what was there before.

New Tattoo – 4 hours in

My latest tattoo is now taking shape. It’s a cover up job for a rather dodgy stock Celtic band and very poor cross & crucible I got when I didn’t know better.

Please don’t scroll further if you dislike the sight of a little bit of blood or are squeamish.

Before. Bad 90’s tattoos.
Sketched out design.
A good start made. Some outlining, some shading.
Blocking in pretty much all done.
Pretty much there.
It is a long way home. I needed a wee and a coffee. Wetherby services stop.
As far as I got. The paving underneath broke me and I had to call it a day. I’m back in January.
Midna detail.
Wolf Link detail.

I’m really impressed with it so far. The guy who did it is an absolute pro!