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In no particular order here… well actually… the IQ review is first because that’s the bit you want to read:

IQ at the Bury Met – 29/11/08
A trip to Bury for me… something I don’t do often – going OUT to see bands, but I broke the rule and went to see IQ. Mainly I wanted to try out my camera in a different venue where the rules were different – I’ve been spoilt with my backstage acces at the CRS and getting all the good angles – and so here I was, a punter (OK I had a guest pass and managed to get into the raised areas reserved usually for lampies and sound guys).

The proceedings started with an announcement that Pete had flu. Not man-flu, proper full blown woman-flu. You know, the one that can REALLY kill you, not just knock you back for a couple of hours. We were asked to sing along wherever possible and help him out. “OK, I’m up for that” I thought.

The band came on a couple of minutes later and cracked straight into new material. I heard this track before – “Frequency” – and I didn’t like it – but it seems they have found their feet with the new material and it’s now working for me. Phew – I was worried IQ would release a turkey… but no, not here.

A set full of classic tracks and newer material followed – a modified set based on what Pete could actually sing though. We had such classics as The Wake, Widows Peak, The Darkest Hour, Out of Nowhere and Sleepless Incidental. The Last Human Gateway middle section was just magnificent!

All through the band sounded so much tighter than they did at the CRS earlier this year and Mark Westworth is definitely starting to fit as the new keyboard player and with the wailing and atmospheric guitars of Mike Holmes the lead section certainly works again.

John Jowitt and Andy Edwards deserve a mention though as the rhythm section of IQ who both hold it together so well, although I must say I wasn’t a fan of John’s sound last night. It seemed too twangy and mid-range based for my liking, although the PA did seem rather lacking in general in bottom end.

Pete, however, was the star of the day. Even in the state he was in he gave 110% and he delivered 90%. He really carried it off so well, and when he couldn’t – John Jowitt or the fans carried it for him.

A great gig and well worth the trip…

Secondly, new about my jaw… it’s offically healing well! – the Doc said the “granulation tissue” is perfect and he’s discharged me from future outpatient visits after just one week. As for the pain… virtually gone, and the smell… oh my mouth smells normal again. That bitter taste and awful rotting smell has now all gone. It makes me realise how serious it was getting and why it had to be taken out so quickly.

I saw comparison x-rays on Wednesday and didn’t realise how much bone has actually been removed to make my face shape back to normal again… eek!
On Thursday I passed my C&G 2381-2. Not very difficult if I’m honest (unlike the 2392 which wasn’t easy at all). More of a formality than something I actually had to do… to be honest I wish I could have just sat the exam without the course because I’m not over convinced the course actually taught me anything I didn’t already know.

The following is from my flickr:
I spent the entirety of Wednesday leathered up (oo-er)… it was cold and I thought it was the best wear for the weather and have had some negative and positive comments. I’ve worn leather for years now, had no comments, and then they all come along at once. Weird!

I use the Thornbury Hospital in Sheffield because I have medical insurance which means that I take the burden off the NHS, and also because if I can’t work I can’t earn money (being self employed has it’s burdens)… but I don’t actually like the people who frequent the Thornbury – or most – private hospitals… they’re generally middle class hooray henrys who speak with a plum in their gob and look down their noses at people like me who actually built our lives around, well… not a lot really (I come from a 2 up 2 down terrace house in a heavy industrial town and have worked all my life… damn hard). I did not hear a single Yorkshire or even Northern accent at all from any of the people in the waiting room. It’s a sad indicator of the divide in our country really…

Anyhow, at the hospital, I had my stitches taken out but had a little bit of blood still in my mouth, so I went to the water fountain and got a cup of water. A couple nearby had a baby who was obviously quite upset and crying loudly. As I left the room, a plum-gobbed oik with a pinstripe suit and tie on who had been in the waiting room with me and kept looking me down commented that I’d obviously scared the baby dressing like “that”. He was quite nasty with it and the comment was uncalled for… I didn’t respond, I just gave him a filthy look as I walked past.

3. The second incident involved fetching cocoa for Hannah who was in the middle of making a cake. I had a walk up onto our local shopping street – about an hour ago now and managed to find some Cadburys Bournville Cocoa. Yum!. On my way back home I walked past some local pikeys gathering on a street corner. A particularly loud one gave a false laugh and called out “What the f**k you come dressed as?”. I felt like saying “An individual” but kept quiet.

Thursday Night involved a journey up to Guy’s for a listen to the final finished version of the album. It sounds amazing… everything has just come together so well and I can’t wait to get my final shrink-wrapped copy of it (hopefully by Yule). It’s out in February, folks, and will be available on the Guy Manning website.

[EDIT]The album should also be available from all good record shops like, well… WHSmith, Woolies (if it’s still around by then), HMV, Tesco etc.[END OF EDIT]

Bez tries to solve his Birthday muffins...Finally… Bez’s birthday party yesterday. 30. Young git. He had anagram muffins which he spent ages trying to solve. A few clues later, and a lot of umming and aahing and various rude and amusing words (including a number of possible Scrabble legal ones he finally solved it.

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