Recovering Nicely, Thanks.

In case you weren’t aware before – I have been in hospital yesterday for a complicated tooth root removal operation.

The entire episode started with a root canal filled tooth (filled by the butcher of rotherham who was struck off and imprisoned for his dodgy work a few years ago). The root was improperly filled and an infection started at the bottom of it, however, since the nerve was destroyed in the root canal work I couldn’t feel anything going amiss.

The first I knew was when the crown worked loose and caused a smell which could kill dogs at 40 paces.

My dentist recommended me on to the hospital, and I opted to go private to get it sorted quicker and with less possible secondary damage (both to my mouth, and to my tongue which was becoming very sore due to the sharp edges of the broken tooth pieces).

Yesterday I was operated on by Dr. Smith and had the tooth removed and all the ick from underneath cleaned out.

It was done under heavy sedation (not quite a general anaesthetic as I was supposedly aware – although I actually remember nothing). When I awoke in the recovery room, I was in a pretty rough way with swabs down the right hand side of my mouth and an oxygen mask over my face… but then I don’t remember a great deal after that until waking up in my room, again on oxygen.

I would just like to say a big thanks to everyone who has asked after me and would like to thank everyone for their support especially my darling wife Hannah who has looked after me so well.

The current state of play is that I have 5 (i think) stitches in my mouth which keep tickling my gums and cheek and it occasionally weeps blood, but that seems to have settled now. I’m still on soft and squishy food.

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