Cough… Oink…

It seems I’ve succumbed to Swine Flu. I blame the pigs.

I feel pretty damned rough, and it’s not helping the fact that my old injury of my broken pinkie has decided to become sore again… I may end up having that one checked out… I know I’ve not broken it again, but I do fear arthritis may set in…

Meanwhile, I’ve been shifting my focus back onto my upright acoustic bass ready for Paul’s wedding do next weekend… it’s just whether I’m well enough to fit a rehearsal in?

Finally… my complaint about the police has been put in. I was disgusted by the way I was given hardly any time to show my phone log, and then the w**ker of a “copper” said he “didn’t believe me”. He was arrogant – just the sort of police officer we DON’T want in the force.

I have sent off the little bit at the bottom of the yellow ticket asking to go to court, and now await the latest phone bill. My doctor’s letter more than clarifies that I couldn’t possibly answer a phone using my left ear – and my apprentice, Alex, is willing to go to court with me and stand as a witness.

Before I forget – my ear has an update as of today – it crackled rather painfully earlier today, and I gained back another % of my hearing – I’d say I’m now at 60% in my left ear, and 95% in my right ear… looking up!

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