Happy New Year, and all that rubbish.

We’ve had the financially crippling Christmas last weekend, and this weekend it was New Year.

What should be a joyous time of the year is turned into a miserable one for many because of a lack of discipline. I heard recently of a lady from Nottingham who had put this Christmas on her credit card – spending almost £2000 on presents for her two kids.

She was paying for LAST Christmas (let’s assume another 2 grand) at £100 a month… now correct me if I’m wrong, but with interest at 28% she will have paid off less than £600 of LAST Christmas… all I can say is FOOL.

…and in our house we have a £60 rule.

Now onto Audiobox.fm

Audiobox was annoying me, but they seem to have finally come up trumps. The Android app is much better (but not perfect still – and it has a way to go before it is) but it’s now making my audiobox usable from my phone. Woohoo!

The new Browser experience of Audiobox is itunes in a browser. It’s very good and the speed issues with the old version are virtually all gone.

I’m continuing to add my tunes to it and am now through 6,800… yes I guess you could say I love music. If we were to have no TV it wouldn’t bother me – but take away my music and the world would end.

Now finally – I started up a new 365 days project on flickr. A much simpler aim this time, with most pictures being cameraphone ones. I wonder if I can complete my third year?

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