What’s with all the hate guys?

I sparked controversy a couple of days ago. I’ve had some pretty opinionated comments on Instagram from people who have since been removed from my circles. Why? I hear you ask?

Well consider this photo. I’m out on my Fiido enjoying a ride. I’ve got the trailer hitched on the back and I’ve just been shopping. You’ll notice I’m wearing leather trousers. Leather chinos to be precise (not jeans, and if you want to stay friends with me you’ll learn to differentiate between chinos, jeans and formal trousers! 😉)

That’s the problem.

Guys think I shouldn’t be riding a bike in “expensive leather trousers”.

Fellas… They were £15 off eBay. Most of my leather trousers/jeans come from eBay and cost under £20.

Now let me put this in perspective; I have a couple of pairs of Levi 501’s. A pair of 501’s is currently around £90. You don’t say a thing when I wear unwipeable non water-resistant £90 jeans when cycling but you moan because I wear a pair of fifteen quid leather trousers?

Seriously guys, stop standing in front of the mirror getting off and sharing bedroom photos on Instagram and get the fucking things worn in your life!

I’ve been wearing leather trousers in my daily life for about thirty years now and I won’t be changing any time soon!

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9 thoughts on “What’s with all the hate guys?

  1. That is terrible. It’s none of their fucking business what you are wearing or how much it cost. The £20 leather trousers make a hell of a lot better sense that £90 Levi’s. They also are assuming you are a klutz and periodically fall off your bike. That’s NOT true. It’s like they are schooling a child. That is so damn insulting!


  2. You heard me ask “why” all the way from London lol?
    Funnily enough I just corrected someone about the photo of me in leather jeans today (I am dressed for the day so uploaded a photo before taking the dog for a walk) and he messaged saying “your leather trousers are so horny”. Cue the old ‘Family Fortunes’ losing sound. I am not a fan of leather trousers, latex trousers or PVC trousers, in short, I ain’t a trousers kind of guy. I have always worn 501 style jeans and had a pair of red tab Levi’s leather jeans around 15 years ago (stupidly sold them). People think that it is a little difference, semantics when using the term “leather jeans” or “leather trousers” (you can use pants if ya like but I don’t like this Americanisation of the language. Leather jeans sounds better) however, appearance wise and I ain’t speaking to Nomen here. In the short time I have been speaking to him, I am amazed it took me so long to find a guy online that actually gets “it”. I can’t define “it” but “it” when “it” comes to gear it would be leather, fetish & latex law 101 and I have sneaking suspicion, 99% of what we would come up with for that law, me and Nomen would get straight away. What scares me is that despite wearing leather/latex gear since I was a teenager, I could count on 1 hand how many people I have met where I have gone “finally, someone gets it”. An example is and as I have said for years, when guys ask me “how do you do it?”. “Well”, I would respond, “I put it on, and I walk out the door”. It is nothing more difficult than that but putting loads of photos and videos up of “you” in leather or latex or PVC in your bedroom, what’s the point? You have purchased clothing which in the round is not cheap. As Nomen points out, yes, you can buy some cheap second hand gear but even some of the second hand stuff is extremely expensive, rightly so in some cases, so why then use your 1 life with hte limited funds in your bank account, using your bandwidth up, uploading photos of yourself in your bedroom? It baffled me when I was 15, it baffled me when I was 20, at 30 and still at age 36!


    1. I know what you mean. I have leather jeans and leather pants. The styles are different. Leather jeans look just like what we call Levis here in the U.S. My leather pants, you would call them trousers, go with a leather suit and are formal with pleats and smooth with none of the stitching you see on jeans. I don’t recall ever seeing Kris wearing jeans. All I have seen is him wearing leather suit pants. I am sure he has leather jeans. Either would work on a bike. I am amazed he got his pants so cheap.


  3. Have you not located me on Twitter or Instagram?
    Twitter handle is @marcwearslatex1
    Instagram ringlatex440
    How do you upload a profile pic on here?


  4. I just like seeing guys in shiny clothing, especially shiny black bottoms, or whatever you want to call them. I’m usually happy to see anything, and though I have my preferences, I’d never demand/insist that you could/should only wear certain ones/styles, in certain situations or otherwise, even if I didn’t care for them.

    I guess there are some folks out there that have very specific likes, and they aren’t afraid to be vocal about them. I think the only time someone is “entitled” to seeing you wearing something specific, is if you both agree (and maybe also they’re paying you for it).


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